About Us


Life is never dull with Coventry Round Table.

Over the last year, we’ve taken part in a huge variety of activities but always with an eye to enjoying life to the full. We're always open to new members - with that in mind find out more about us on our website or feel free to get in touch.

What we do

We meet twice a month, the fun if it is that you get to experience things that you would never normally do on a Tuesday evening. One week you could be indoor rock climbing, the next a brewery tour, followed by the next month scuba diving or maybe even sky diving!!! What always happens however is likeminded ordinary young men get together and do extraordinay things, raising much needed funds for deserving local charities...oh and we may grab a few beers and the odd curry along the way!

We’re the people who bring Santa round on those cold December evenings to generate so many smiles and mark the official start of Christmas for so many families. Every year, thousands of pounds is raised for those in need in the Coventry area. We're not about can rattling but doing and having fun!

We're not even just a group of lads going out in Coventry – we regularly hold joint events with our sister organisation, Ladies Circle, and get all dressed up at least once a year for a formal dinner.  

Our mantra is fun, friendship and fellowship in that order, and we firmly believe that we are doing our fellowmen an injustice if we do not get them involved. So if you want to make new friends, fancy a beer and want to get a bit more out of life get in touch.

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So come and get involved. It costs less than a pint a week to become a member, it's easy, and it could be the best laugh you’ve had in ages!


Our events are great to share with a friend, so bring along a guest, we know they'll enjoy our club events too.